hola, i'm victoria lopez, the captain of the volleyball team and yeah, yeah, no longer part of the bellas. dating the most perfect girl around since and for ever. i'm hopelessly in love with her and that ain't gonna change soon. nor ever.

wesley is the mother of my quads and we got married on june 15th. lucky for you, dudes, he's kinda available now, so go get him.


don't run away

Fuck school.

I’m so sick of this. Girls are such a pain in the ass.

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    jesse—evans: I do try to make people smile, I love when they do. But that’s a secret. And I like yours, so I’m gonna...
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    That is very true, but still. You know… I haven’t smiled a lot here, but I have every single time I’ve talked to you....
  3. wesleykaia said: What’s wrong, Vicky Wicky?
  4. jessica--berry said: Are you okay?